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A major mode for viewing Tiddlywiki tiddlers. Right now it's just some colors and formatting.

Check out Tiddlywiki, it's great!

Also: I'm very new to emacs and this is my first experiment with elisp. I'm sure my code is wacky!


Here's how I'm using it:

  • The file tiddler-mode.el is at ~/tiddler-mode.el/tiddler-mode.el
  • It's symbolically linked to inside my ~/.emacs.d/ directory (cd ~/.emacs.d/ && ln -s ~/tiddler-mode.el/tiddler-mode.el .)
  • in my ~/.doom.d/config.el I do this: (load "~/.emacs.d/tiddler-mode.el")
  • When opening a file with a .tid extension, this mode should be enabled and your tiddlers should look a little prettier :-)