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spoonietunes a952d38e89 added 'degradeBy 0.XX' to funStuff() 9 months ago
.gitignore lots of cleaning up, added some hard-coded drum patterns as an option for generation 9 months ago
.projectile got basic generator working 9 months ago added 'degradeBy 0.XX' to funStuff() 9 months ago
deleteme.tidal fixed some bugs; implemented 'sometimesBeQuiet' so in 8 bar phrases, sometimes a track doesn't play 9 months ago
sunvox-techno.sunvox changed functions to 'return' instead of 'print'; added 'indent' variable to make the output a little nicer and easier to read (and troubleshoot) 9 months ago
test.tidal debugging; added option for 2 bar phrases where the rhythms alternate between two generated rhythms (eg <[first one] [second one]> 9 months ago