11 Commits (ac2e292457348f87023064c1761af1b05f6deb66)

Author SHA1 Message Date
spoonietunes ac2e292457 added CC generation to control things like delay and reverb sends; added extra area near the bottom for manually adding finishing touches (like handclaps or extra kicks here and there) - after all, this is a collaboration between human and algorithm 10 months ago
spoonietunes 5dd7fff7da add pads/chords generation, rhythms 10 months ago
spoonietunes 5018e12d76 lots of tweaks; added pad generator that makes chords based on the bassline 10 months ago
spoonietunes a952d38e89 added 'degradeBy 0.XX' to funStuff() 10 months ago
spoonietunes 3858957994 fixed some bugs; implemented 'sometimesBeQuiet' so in 8 bar phrases, sometimes a track doesn't play 10 months ago
spoonietunes c5e40b23bd debugging; added option for 2 bar phrases where the rhythms alternate between two generated rhythms (eg <[first one] [second one]> 10 months ago
spoonietunes cfec0aee7a more tweaks; added a choice of 4 midi notes (to later add more than 1 sound source, so the system can choose between different drum sounds for more variation) 11 months ago
spoonietunes 39603fc618 lots of cleaning up, added some hard-coded drum patterns as an option for generation 11 months ago
spoonietunes bc7539e40a changed functions to 'return' instead of 'print'; added 'indent' variable to make the output a little nicer and easier to read (and troubleshoot) 11 months ago
spoonietunes 5c5b786a55 more features and some debugging 11 months ago
spoonietunes 3ea58d1ef9 got basic generator working 11 months ago